Missing our Little Angel

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Baby Jon Felippe should be 2 months old now. He could be in Mommy and Daddy’s arms giving a warm hug, butterfly and Eskimo kisses, smelling his forehead, pinching his cheeks, anything you could do with a little baby. Unfortunately, we were not given the chance to do that. It was only once that we were able to caress him when we carried him outside of the hospital room where he spent his short life here on earth.

I was looking a good quote for a loss of a baby from the internet and came across with this one:

[fancy_box]“If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.”

~Author Unknown[/fancy_box]

Yes, it is indeed very painful loosing a child, a baby. I am sure every parent that was able to experience the same fate we had understands fully what we feel right now. Nights become longer, days seem to be an eternity, everything just stops. I can even feel my heart stop beating for a second. You feel an emptiness that no one or nothing can refill. An endless void in your systems longing for something that you know you can never ever posses. And when that feelings engulfs you, you tend to think of doing anything, and I mean anything to just to bring them back. But then, you slowly snap out of the internal turmoil and realize that there is nothing you can do, leaving you to nothing but tears.

I have never felt this hallow before and I don’t know until when it will last. All I know right now is I missed our little angel so much.

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