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Fin mobile phone giant does not want to be left behind

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To all Nokia lovers out there, I am sure you might have been frustrated about the newer models released in the past couple of years. Yes, it is packed with features yet undoubtedly lacking in style. Today’s generation opt for something stylish and head turning when it comes to mobile devices especially those who are young and, well, young at heart. And then comes the iPhone with its touch screen, cool apps and what not. Blackberry is also one of the people’s choices because of its “class”. HTC is gaining as well as Samsung on the other lane.

I got Bleached!!

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[singlepic id=73 w=320 h=240 float=left] [dropcap1]O[/dropcap1]kay, I gotta admit. The reason why I cannot or I do not have the time to update this is… Read More »I got Bleached!!

???? ???? ????

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It’s been almost a month since the last time I scribbled something here. I dunno but these past weeks, I just feel so lazy to pound the keyboard. Ideas are in mind but my hand refused to work. Sometimes, I can formulate thoughts while just being idle or riding home from work but when I sit in front of a computer, everything just fades away like a fog clearing after sunrise. I cannot even come up with a title.