I’m totally sluggish

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– Yaawwwwnnn –

This is what I get for sleeping late at night (around 12 MN) and waking up at 5:15 A.M to prepare to work. Only got about 5 hours of sleep for 2 succeeding nights and now I am totally out of it. *Sigh* Well, I was actually setting up a new PC (not really brand new but just an addition to our computer at home) I got so excited that I completely lost track of time. Had I not been reminded by my wife to sleep, I might have stayed awake for the rest of the wee hours. Now I set at my desk, looking at my monitor with eyes barely open, fingers stiffened as if I do not know what key to press. I think I might doze off at anytime soon.  I decided to watch some videos from Youtube to keep me busy and already had my 2nd cup of coffee but it still not helping.

Oh welll, I cannot wait to go home and just lay flat on my bed. Still have a long and agonizing 6 hours before my shift ends.  Hope I can make it through the day.